Spacious Modern Living and Relaxation - B2 floor plan

Spacious Modern Living and Relaxation

When it comes to picking a home, the layout matters. Imagine living in a space that feels just right. Alexan Gruene Crossing offers a special floor plan that might be your dream come true: the B2. This space is both cozy and spacious, with thoughtful details to make it the perfect home for spacious modern living and relaxation.

Spacious Living Areas

At 1,226 SF of spacious living space, the B2 floor plan provides plenty of room for you and your loved ones. You’ll see an open and welcoming space as soon as you step inside. There’s enough room to place your comfy couch, your favorite coffee table, and even that large painting you love. The size means you don’t have to compromise on style or function. You get the best of both worlds. Whether you’re hosting a movie night or reading a book, you’ll find this living area the ideal place to relax.

Two Bedrooms for Rest and Relaxation

Having two bedrooms is always a plus. Maybe you’re someone looking for a roommate. Or perhaps you need an extra room for guests, a home office, or a hobby space. Whatever your needs, the B2 floor plan has got you covered. Both rooms guarantee comfort. At the end of a long day, you can enjoy some quiet moments here. And the second bedroom? It’s perfect for your friends, guests, or maybe even a cozy study. The choices are endless.

Modern Bathrooms and a Special Yard

The B2 floor plan offers two bathrooms for its residents. Both come with modern touches. Think about those mornings when everyone’s rushing to get ready. With two bathrooms, no one has to wait their turn. And there’s an extra feature that will catch your eye: select homes come with a yard. Yes, you read that right. Imagine stepping out into your own private yard. It’s a space where you can enjoy a morning coffee, play with your pet, or simply breathe in some fresh air. It’s that touch of nature and freedom right at your doorstep.

Have a taste of spacious modern living and relaxation with the B2 floor plan here at Alexan Gruene Crossing. Schedule a tour today!